We’re bringing you a taste of our style with our favorite  swimwear brands & places to shop for 2018! This year were bringing back stripes, one pieces, and our favorite basics. Spring into summer with these affordable, dependable, and tasteful bikinis. 

Dana the Delinquent Top - Cadet

Boys & Arrows

We’ve got a HUGE crush!! We have now been following Boys & Arrows for the past 3 years are OBSESSED with this entire brand. Owning multiple pairs of their bathing we can say that our suits still fit, have withstood 3 summers, and still look brand new. What we love most about these bathing suits is the COMFORT. The material used in their bikinis focuses on quality and elasticity. For girls like us who tend to be bustier, we appreciate a bathing suit that does not have loads of padding nor is digging in to our sides.


ASOS has our BACK TO BASICS  because black and white will never go out of style! Choose from thousands of popular brands including Boohoo, Rip Curl, and South Beach. We’ve picked a few of our favorite styles from Asos below. Halter tops, deep V’s, and stylish stripes – you name it, Asos has it.  If your looking to choose from a wide variety of styles and are on a budget this is the place for you. You can use their search feature or categories to pinpoint the exact kind of bathing suit your looking to jump in this year.


We’ve followed Kaohs Swim for a few years now. Launched in 2013, two friends Tess Hamilton and Ali Hoffman began to design their line through inspiration from the boho, surf, and skate communities.  We love their solid color bathing suites that feature sexy but tasteful designs.  I follow them on Snapchat for their occasional SnapChat specials and sales they offer. Go check em out! ⇓


Monday Swimwear’s line of women’s swimwear is known for its iconic feminine designs, immaculate fit, and soft-to-touch feel and enduring quality .A couple of powerhouse females started their own clothing line in 2015 after blogging about swimsuits.  As I’ve mentioned before we are bustier women who are in constant need of supportive tops. This is just one reason why we support Monday Swimwear, they break down their shopping sections into Swimwear by Piece, and Swimwear by style- where they offer a Supportive subcategory for all of us big busted women. They also have Brazilian style, full coverage, underwire, and wrap top if your looking to be more specific in your search. Another reason we support Monday Swimwear is because we LOVE  the fact that their models are all shapes and sizes promoting healthy body image and female empowerment.

**photography used in this post is not our own and rights belong to respective brands**

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