For many professionals, a work-life balance is incredibly important for happiness, productivity and effectiveness at work. I often get caught in the daily struggle trying to optimize my time spent working and just living life.  So, lately I’ve been focusing on achieving the right balance between career and lifestyle. I know the going is rough now, but in the long run this will aid to my productivity & will help maintain the health of my relationships.

In some ways, social media can put even more strain on your work-life balance, competing for your attention in an already busy world.

During the last three – four months of entering the blogging world I find this to be the biggest issue. I feel horrible when I am glued to my phone in the presence of others – especially my boyfriend & family. I know they support me in all my endeavors, but I can’t help but to feel this tiny piece of technology sucks the life out of me at times.


On the other end – I’m doing what I love. 

Coming from an artistic background and landing a job in sales, theres is not much room for the imagination. That is  why I began this blog- as a creative outlet to express my interests. I’m sure many bloggers feel the same struggle. Trying to create something beyond their 9-5’s, beginning a side hustle, and becoming and independent boss lady. It’s exhausting, especially in the beginning stages. I would like nothing more to do than lay in bed and cuddle up to my pup and my boyfriend and do nothing, but I strive to be better and push my limits.

So, lately i’ve focused on   t h e   b a l a n c e. 


…and also a little cliche at this point but -whatever. I NEED structure to get tasks accomplished. On a daily basis I am writing and rewriting lists of bills that need to be paid, financial budgets, shopping items, and to do lists. For my bills, appointments, and social events my favorite tool to use is my iPhone calendar.

Yep, it’s that simple.

Before entering the adult world I rarely used it- now it is a lifeline. Because I fear auto renewal charges on my cards, I schedule all my monthly bill reminders on my iPhone calendar. I never have to touch it again after that! SO SIMPLE. I also use it to schedule phone call reminders to stay connected with friends and family. I often get caught up in my own little world (as we all often do) and forget to reconnect. This is extremely important to ensuring the health of your relationships!



Exercise every day, eat healthy, and sleep at least seven hours no less than six hours a night. Consistency is the key for me. ~Billie Joe Heller

While every day can be different, it will help to determine which things I just don’t want to sacrifice. If I didn’t identify these things in advance, I found them slipping away. It also helps me to think about it in lowest common denominators. Some days it’s a little stifling to commit to hour and half workout session, so I’ll shift my time and do a 30 minute brisk walk. By doing this I’ve found that I don’t have to give up the things that are truly important to me.


I think to myself – where can I shop, how close are these places, and what order can I shop in to maximize my time? I write down tasks in order – by location, then what I need from those places. I try cluster my errands for the day so I can cut out travel time by shopping in one place.


Blogging is secondary. It is not my life – but a reflection of it. I know that the day to day schedules change and life just h a p p e n s. 

Some days I’m too run down to do anything. At some point, I need to be able to walk away from whatever I’m doing knowing that it may not yet be finished—and that even if I complete it later, it might still feel undone. I’ve been learning to embrace the chaos of incomplete so that I can either move forward or put something aside for later.

woman on hammock reading book


This probably should go first on here, because it is undoubtably the most important item on the list. For me, “me time” usually time late at night or at the gym. The gym is scheduled in “me time” because I love focusing on my health, and doing this daily keeps me motivated  & feeling at my best. Late night is also for my boys. There is nothing better than to turn off my mind and settle in to the couch with my dog and my man by my side -knowing that the day is done. They remind me that I am so much more than what I do on the web. If tomorrow was my last day online, my life would still be full—I have friends, family, and countless adventures still to be had.

I hope you find some of these ideas helpful and can begin to incorporate them into your daily lives. That’s all for now!



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