So this is me,  Amanda Deflavio, a 26 year old Raleigh gal stuck in the middle of  “you only live once” & “be responsible.”  After graduating with a BA in Stuido Art from UNC Wilmington, I ventured back to Raleigh, N.C. to pursue a career in sales & advertising. I recently started  this blog as a visual diary & collection of my adventures from daily life.

Why OAK + PINE ??

Well, simply because I live in Raleigh (City of Oaks), North Carolina (State of the Pines). Simple concept focusing on my love for my city and all things local in NC.

I  enjoy:

• traveling
• eating & drinking at new local digs
• health & fitness
• learning to cook
•  pilates
• hanging with my boyfriend & puppy
•Mochas or  Irish coffee
• the outdoors  (missing the beach always)
• no meat on my pizza
• & now blogging

I look forward to sharing this next part of my life with you & hope you enjoy it just the same. Please message me for any collaborations!