B  U  K  U

Sundays are like mini holidays; they’re best spent with friends and family around the table, often filled with food and festive libations. With warm weather approaching, enjoying all that food and conversation on a great patio is a little piece of heaven, especially when there is a fully stocked buffet and room full of champagne waiting for you inside.
This place is very real: buku global street found can be found on the corner of Wilmington and Davie street, and they serve up a mean buffet every Sunday. Buku has made a name for themselves across town, known for global street food (with vegetarian and vegan options) in a refined dining setting. The chefs prepare an array of tapas and flavorful dishes daily, each nods to time-honored recipes that spans generations. Inspired by the pushcarts of street vendors in cities across the globe, Buku specializes in a new type of dining that is designed for mix & match and the kind of plate sharing that sparks conversation! Sunday is their chance to play with a different format by a buffet spread  with everything from sweet made-to-order waffles to good old fried chicken.

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