Travel has become a huge part of my life after my experience abroad. I know it sounds cliche but the time I spent away from the states changed my view of the world and on life in general. I budget so I can go out into the world and discover new places. I hope you’ll take the time to read, be inspired, and travel along with me!


During my stay in Malaga I had the opportunity to travel to many different countries, and lucky for me, Morocco was one of them. It was a week long trip that became one of the most colorful, diverse, and  eye opening experiences I’ve ever had. I was enlightened by the cultural encounters with the locals and the differences between western culture and a third world country. I discovered the ins and outs of haggling with Moroccan vendors, my love for tea, and how to ride on camel back just to name a few. (more…)


I’ve had so much fun combing through all my old photos from my travels in Spain circa the Fall of 2013. At the time I was a sophomore in college and had just been accepted to the University of North Carolina Wilmington. After only one semester in when I decided to make the jump across the pond and study International Business in Spain for 4 months!



Hi lovebugs! If you follow me on IG, you know that my girlfriends and I took a trip to Charleston, South Carolina this past weekend. Minus the humidity- we loved it! We were only there for two full days staying with a friend in Avondale and exploring the best spots around town. I wanted to give you all a recap of my trip and hopefully this will be helpful for anyone thinking of visiting soon!



Let me start this post off by telling you how B E A U T I F U L Malaga is. Situated on the “Costa del Sol” (Coast of the Sun) as it has become known – is one of the most famous stretches of sea and sand in the world. The Playa Malagueta is the closest of them all and is reached by just a 10-minute walk along the promenade at the end of Málaga’s port. (more…)

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